What you should know before you book

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Tel Aviv has a wide range of hotels, that break down into a few categories:

1) Beach Hotels. There is a long strip of hotels located along Tel Aviv beach. Almost all of them are luxury hotels. However, pricing varies greately -- from the Tel Aviv Hilton, which tends to be the most expensive; to the Orchard Hotel, which is the most reasonably priced of the beach hotels.)

2) On the same street, (but usually on the other side) there is a series of more moderately priced hotels, such as: the Olympia and the Basel Leonardo. These hotels are close to the beach, but do not offer direct access to the beach.

3) There are a few large luxury hotels who cater to business travelers, such as: the Crown Plaza Tel Aviv (located in one of the Azreili Towers).

4) There are also smaller boutique hotels scattered throughout Tel Aviv.

5) Finally, (for the budget conscious), Tel Aviv offers a large number of hostels, with both private rooms and dormitory accomodation options. You can find them all in our Journey app.