What you should do

How to get money

Once upon a time, travelers to Israel (and to most other destinations) bought Travels Checks. When you used to travel you were always afraid that if you lost your money you would be in deep trouble. Travelers checks were prefered since they could be replaced if lost or stolen anywhere in the world.

Today there is little need for cash when you travel. Paying by credit care is covienent and easy. However, you do need to be careful, since different credit cards charge varied rates for foriegn transactions. Capital One is the only U.S. company that does not charge for any foreign transactions, so check with you credit card company.

But what if you want cash? The best way to get cash is to bring your bank card with you from home. You can go to one of the 1000s of cash machines in Tel Aviv and withdraw the Shekels you need. There is generally a $2.50 charge for use of the machine, but you usually get a good rate of exchange. Alternatively, you can bring some foreign cash with you to Israel and go to one of the many cash exchange places found all around the city – (their exchange rates are better than the bank.)